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UAE Secondary School Students to Visit Bristow Academy

December 04, 2013

The 2013 Dubai Airshow set the backdrop for expanded innovative youth education programs in support of strategic workforce development as the Bristow Academy and United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Arab Youth Venture Foundation (AYVF) yesterday forged an agreement wherein Bristow will play host to groups of UAE 11 to 14 year old secondary school students twice annually during AYVF’s NASA related space schools activities in Space Coast, Florida. The Bristow Academy helicopter pilot training facility tours will be in addition to AYVF’s unique STEM focused learning that also includes astronaut training and intensive hands-on space engineering activities.

The collaboration kicks off in December when the first group of students is expected to arrive in Florida with the agreement extending all necessary support between the two entities to provide the UAE students a first-hand taste of a leading aviation business, in this case, helicopter operations by the world’s largest helicopter training school while also fostering collaborative exchange between UAE and USA students. Bristow has also facilitated a student to student activity with a similar program for Florida youth.

Since 2011, Titusville, Florida based Bristow Academy has been training Gulf region military pilots in a unique combined commercial and military helicopter flight program.

“We believe that this unique experience will help foster future participation in growth sectors of the Middle East region’s diversified economies that include aviation, aerospace, and defense."

According to Bristow Academy Business Development Manager Gregory Popp, “We believe that this unique experience will help foster future participation in growth sectors of the Middle East region’s diversified economies that include aviation, aerospace, and defense. Bristow Academy is pleased to undertake this UAE youth related program that also aims to enhance the cultural exchange between talented students from America and the Middle East.”

Arab Youth Venture Foundation CEO Lisa LaBonte commented: "The goal of the agreed alliance is to support UAE’s plans to encourage local students toward careers in the military, aircraft maintenance, and commercial flight operations within the global aviation industry."

About Bristow Academy
Bristow Academy, has one mission—training helicopter pilots to the highest industry standards. As the largest and most respected commercial helicopter flight school in the world, Bristow Academy offers a full range of certification programs at four locations worldwide. 

Bristow Academy training programs put student pilots at the controls with the knowledge they need to succeed. The Academy offers programs that meet the requirements of both the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and international Joint Aviation Authority/European Aviation Safety Agency (JAA/EASA) as well as a military training program that mirrors that provided by the United States Army.

Bristow Academy Inc. is a wholly owned and independently operating subsidiary of Bristow Group Inc., the world’s leading provider of helicopter services. Bristow Group conducts over 220,000 flight hours annually providing the safest, most efficient helicopter transportation, maintenance, search and rescue, and aviation support worldwide with a presence in more than twenty nations with a fleet of nearly 600 aircraft. Bristow Group conducts helicopter operations on a 24-hour basis around the globe with the capability, through its organization and infrastructure, to provide continuous maintenance and logistical support.