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Bristow Celebrates 1,000 Days of Target Zero at Port Harcourt Nigerian Air Force Base

September 26, 2014

On Friday, September 26, 2014, Bristow employees at Port Harcourt Nigerian Air Force Base celebrated 1,000 days of Target Zero, more than two years without a lost time incident – a significant accomplishment considering the pace and volume of operations that take place in Nigeria.

"For us, these 1,000 days is a starting point," said Bristow Safety Coordinator Adegboyega Oyinboade. "Zero accidents: none today, tomorrow or ever after remains our ultimate goal. Everyone understands and is fully committed to this goal – from the top base management to the frontline workers."

"This is an extraordinary achievement by the entire Port Harcourt team," said Bristow Vice President and Chief Safety Officer Steve Predmore. "To accomplish 1,000 consecutive days of Target Zero performance in a high volume, challenging operational environment such as Port Harcourt requires an unwavering commitment to the highest standard of safety by everyone every day on every task. The thanks and congratulations of all Bristow employees and customers around the globe go to the Port Harcourt team!"