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Bristow Nigeria Operations and Centralized Operations Business Unit Achieve Safety Milestones

January 29, 2014

Bristow’s Nigeria operations and Centralized Operations Business Unit have achieved safety milestones in their ongoing commitment to Target Zero accidents and exceptional customer service.

On December 3, at the final Quality, Health, Safety and Environment meeting of the year at the Nigerian Air Force base in Port Harcourt, Bristow staff and client representatives from two major oil and gas companies celebrated the achievement of significant Target Zero milestones including the base’s completing 553,690 man hours CYTD and more than 700 days without a recordable accident and Lost Time Injury. During the celebration, awards were presented to Bristow Engineering Superintendent Mick Glover and Ramp Control Officer Kingsley Nwachukwu.

During October, Bristow’s Centralized Operations Business Unit (COBU) reached a Target Zero milestone when it passed 1,500 days without a Lost Work Case and 1,250 days without any type of reportable accident. In recognition of the accomplishment, COBU Director Mark Becker said, “This safety record is a credit to every single person in our business unit. Our challenge now is to maintain that record by being ever more vigilant in the way we observe safety, intervene where we see hazards and recognize the good safety behavior of our work colleagues.”

As of publication, COBU is still on track without a Lost Work Case.