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Bristow Unveils Broadband Technology on SAR Helicopters

December 16, 2014

From vital engine monitoring systems to collision avoidance, Bristow has a long history of being the first to bring new technology onboard its aircraft.

In another industry-leading technology breakthrough, Bristow will be the first operator to put broadband connectivity in its aircraft. By adding broadband to its fleet of search and rescue (SAR) helicopters in the U.K., the company is leading the way for possible future applications.

The Sikorsky S-92 aircraft in Bristow’s U.K. SAR fleet will have broadband delivered by satellite to advance onboard communications capabilities and reliability. The broadband service will improve in-flight care by enabling the real-time transmission of electronic patient information such as vital signs to medical facilities on the ground.

Iridium Communications and Thales Group are providing the broadband solution. Iridium’s 66-satellite global network is the only one capable of providing in-flight high-speed connectivity to helicopters, and it expects to be able to introduce additional applications for rotorcraft on its network in the future.