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Commitment to Safety Every Day Brings Record-setting Performance

December 16, 2014

Among the “firsts” Bristow achieved in 2014, nothing tops reaching a full year of Target Zero safety in global oil and gas operations.

“It’s an extraordinary achievement for the global team,” said VP and Chief Safety Officer Steve Predmore in a video message with President and CEO Jonathan Baliff highlighting the milestone. “We always knew that Target Zero was a reachable goal. We got there with the daily commitment and dedication it takes to be an industry leader in safety.”

In addition to the company-wide milestone, some Bristow operations have gone even further:

  • The West Africa Business Unit (WASBU) reached two full years of Target Zero safety in November.
  • The Port Harcourt base in Nigeria has currently reached 1,073 consecutive days of Target Zero and is still going strong.

For us, reaching 1,000 days was a starting point," said Safety Coordinator Adegboyega Oyinboade. “Zero accidents: none today, tomorrow or ever after remains our ultimate goal.”