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Simulator Evening Focused on Pilot Training and Safety Appreciated by Clients

January 20, 2014

Bristow’s European Business Unit (EBU) received a note of appreciation from a client in response to a Simulator evening held on January 14.

The client commented that they “genuinely enjoyed every minute: the presentations, the numerous informal chats with several of the Bristow team throughout the event, and the star of the show, time in the simulator – which was to say the least. . .extraordinary.”

They went on to say that they left with “a much better understanding of Bristow, the people, and the spirit of the company. From a procurement/sourcing point of view, this evening was pure gold.”

Jill Florence, Commercial Administrator, explained that the Simulator evening came about after discussions with clients, in which she and others learned that most of the clients had not seen the simulators and did not realize the extensive training that Bristow conducts.

She explained the focus of the Simulator evening.

“We take them ‘behind the scenes’ to gain insight on what goes on at Bristow,” she explains. “We’ve organized two evenings; the first for politicians and the second for our clients. During each evening, the guests heard presentations on pilot recruitment and training by Matt Rhodes, our Offshore Flight Operations Manager, and on engineer training by Paul Richardson, our Training Manager. Our intent is to give the guests an idea of how we select candidates and once selected, how we prepare them.”

"Many of the guests didn’t realise how much work goes into flying a helicopter."

After the presentations, the guests were able to experience the simulators and meet Bristow pilots. Jill adds, “The guests were very impressed and we’ve received amazing feedback on the evening.

“Many of the guests didn’t realise how much work goes into flying a helicopter,” she says. “We are holding another evening in May and we already have clients asking to put other members of their team down for this one.”

To learn more about Bristow’s pilot training, read “Bristow Pilot Training: The Journey to the Left-hand Seat,” here.