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Bristow's West Africa Business Unit Celebrates Two Years of Target Zero Safety

November 11, 2014

On November 11, 2014, Bristow's West Africa Business Unit (WASBU) celebrated two consecutive years of Target Zero performance without a recordable injury or air accident. In October alone, Bristow operations in Nigeria achieved 1,000 hours of Target Zero performance.

WASBU Director Akin Oni cited the role of Bristow’s Target Zero culture in achieving this success. “From its initial introduction in 2007, Target Zero has been embraced by the WASBU team and it has become the way we do things. This safety milestone represents a considerable achievement considering the environment and operational challenges we face in Nigeria.”

WASBU HSE Coordinator Frank Webb added, “I recall when Target Zero was in its infancy we were discussing if Target Zero is achievable; now the word is ‘we must maintain Target Zero.’ The commitment to safety in WASBU is second to none from the business unit director to the shop floor.”

Vice President Operations Mike Imlach commended WASBU staff, saying, “Management has led by example, setting consistent expectations, making the right investments, and ensuring employees are provided with the tools, equipment and procedures to do their jobs safely. Staff at the front line are showing their commitment to Target Zero. I would like to congratulate our staff in WASBU for this significant achievement and express my thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication to safety.”