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Bristow’s Redhill Randonneurs Complete Tough Cycling Challenge for MacMillan Cancer Support

July 24, 2015

Bristow employees banded together as the Redhill Randonneurs to cycle 1,000 miles in 10 days from the UK’s most extreme south westerly point at Land's End to the north easterly point of Scotland at John o' Groats, raising more than $3,100 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

"We thought that cycling 1,000 miles unsupported in 10 days with a route of minor roads, cycle and canal tow paths was a pretty tough challenge, and one our family, friends and colleagues would think worthy of donations for MacMillan Cancer Support," said Bristow’s Receiver Inspector Warehouse Officer Len Clark. "MacMillan Cancer Support was our chosen charity as there are many lives that this amazing organization touches, be it family, friends or colleagues who have had the unfortunate need for their incredible support.

"The ride proved to be challenging, both physically and mentally for all of us, but this just heightened the sense of achievement when we successfully finished the 1002-mile route," said Clark. "I have found that the bicycle provides an incredible form of transport, allowing access to areas where other vehicles would struggle. The countryside we were privileged to visit was stunning."

The cause hit very close to home for the Redhill Randonneurs. On the last day of the ride, one of the team’s members, Design Engineer Nick Eyres, developed several symptoms, and found out upon his return that he had a massive tumor on his kidney. His kidney was removed and Eyres is currently in recovery, looking forward to his next ride.

"I was told that it was only the exertion of the ride that made the symptoms appear," said Eyres. "If I hadn't taken part in this ride, I would probably not have shown any signs of cancer until it had spread. So, all in all, it was not only a fantastic trip with some real physical and mental challenges, but it also gave me a great chance of beating cancer. Tumor and kidney removed, I'm just looking forward to getting fit again for another ride next year!"

The Redhill Randonneurs, comprised of team members Len Clark, Nick Eyres and Technical Inspector Ian Scott, are still collecting donations on their website at