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Bristow Celebrates One-year Anniversary of Operations at Caernarfon SAR

July 01, 2016

July 1, 2016, marks the one-year anniversary since the go-live of the Caernarfon Search and Rescue Coastguard helicopter base in North Wales. The third UK SAR base to begin taking taskings in 2015, Caernarfon SAR has flown more than 500 mission hours and rescued or assisted more than 200 people.

The Caernarfon base had the highest number of taskings in a single month of all of the bases, with 52 taskings in August 2015. Over the last year, Caernarfon has responded to over 300 taskings in total.

"It's hard to believe that we have reached the one-year milestone already," said Chief Pilot Dave Kenyon. "It has been an incredibly busy year that has gone by very quickly. Training with local stakeholders and of our own teams is as busy as ever; we operate with the mountain rescue teams, lifeboats and other rescue organisations on a very regular basis.

"I count myself lucky to be based at Caernarfon and to have such a great team with me here. As we continue to settle into the base, and for many of us, into the civilian SAR way of life, I hope that the coming year is as enjoyable as the past one."

As busy as the Caernarfon base is, there often isn't a lot of time to pause and reflect on events gone by," said UK SAR Director Samantha Willenbacher. "However, today is an important milestone as we celebrate one year of operations from the base. The Caernarfon SAR team really hit the ground running and haven't stopped since. My heartfelt thanks to all at the Caernarfon base for your hard work and dedication; I couldn't be more proud."