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Bristow Travel Celebrates Three Years of Providing Tailor-Made Travel Solutions to Australia Clients

November 03, 2016

November 2016 marks three years since the launch of Bristow Travel Pty Ltd., a fully accredited International Air Transport Association (IATA) travel agency based in Perth, Australia.

The Bristow Reservations team has been providing a dedicated passenger booking service to clients since 1997, working with major consortiums and oil and gas clients. In 2013, the concept was taken one step further with Bristow Travel.

Bristow Travel offers corporate travel services to clients providing 24 / 7 tailor-made travel solutions – from scheduling rotary-wing flights to the clients' facilities, to booking fixed-wing flights from the closest city airport hub to Bristow regional bases, to coordinating international flights, accommodations, car-hires and various other client requests – to ensure a seamless "door to offshore platform" experience. The service has been utilized by many clients, including Vermilion, Inpex, BHP, McDermotts, Furgo, Clough, Schlumberger, HESS, Quadrant (Apache), Santos, Bristow Helicopters Australia (BHA) and others. It provides customized data and reporting to meet client needs and the option for a dedicated Bristow Travel officer to be housed in client offices.

At BHA, Bristow Travel officers work closely with the Operations and Engineering teams to make the logistical arrangements for touring Bristow pilots, engineers and operations personnel, and for management business travel. While Bristow Travel has been operational for only three years, the highly-skilled team offers in excess of 80 years combined travel experience. This level of expertise comes to the forefront during cyclone season, when the team can effortlessly put into place a demobilization plan, arranging accommodations, transfers and flights for clients.

Bristow Travel has a dedicated check-in counter with a travel officer at Perth Domestic Airport that facilitates passenger screening, weighing and check-in. This service is offered to clients to ensure offshore personnel are departing on the fixed-wing service with the appropriate checks and certifications. It also provides an opportunity to alert the base and rig of any no-shows well in advance so daily planning can be adjusted, and the ability to rearrange both rotary-wing and fixed-wing flights in a single phone call to accommodate delays. This level of efficiency is not offered by any other helicopter provider in Australia.

"In just three years, Bristow Travel has completed more than 100,000 individual bookings," said Bristow Travel Director Keir Williams. "Reaching this significant milestone is a testament to our clients' confidence in the Bristow Travel team."

Team members include Manager David Melbin and Team Leader Jen Goulding, and Travel Officers Deanne Weston, Ron Valerio, Deanna Reilly, Lorraine Brown, Jenna Cottier, Jarra Lee, Michelle Hardie, Shinade Hobson, June Tionowidjaja-ueno, Danielle Jacobsen and Chantelle Donnelly.

Bristow Travel Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bristow Group.