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Eastern Airways Commences Flights with New ATR 72-600 Aircraft

November 30, 2017

Eastern Airways commenced flights with its first 72-seat ATR 72-600 aircraft to the Shetland Islands on November 13, 2017. With the first ATR integrating into operations, the operations and technical teams are beginning the process of introducing the second ATR into the Eastern Airways fleet to commence flights in February 2018.

The modern aircraft is operating on the Aberdeen to Scatsta (Shetland Isles) oil contract charter services for Bristow Helicopters in support of the Integrated Aviation Consortium (IAC).

"This ATR is helping us support our client and transport our passengers safely, efficiently and comfortably," said Tony Burgess, Eastern Airways chief operating officer. “The first flight was a success, and we are already looking forward to adding the second ATR to our fleet.”

“There has been a significant amount of work undertaken to introduce the aircraft to service,” said Matt Rhodes, Bristow director of UK oil and gas operations. “The Eastern Airways and Bristow teams have both demonstrated great team work in achieving this goal, and we are already seeing improvements in service delivery to our clients with the introduction of this new aircraft.”

ATR is part of the Airbus group and offers a comfortable cabin environment with a state-of the-art glass cockpit incorporating the latest technologies.

It has twin turbo props using two powerful Pratt and Whitney 172m engines, giving the aircraft a maximum cruise speed of 317mph.