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Gulf of Mexico SAR Team Rescues Ill Passenger on Cruise Ship

November 26, 2018

When a passenger on a cruise ship experienced a life-threating emergency, Bristow’s Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Search and Rescue (SAR) team flew to the rescue. The crew sprang into action from the Galliano SAR facility after the response was rolled over by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

The GOM SAR team intercepted the underway vessel, 270 nautical miles from the coast of New Orleans, Louisiana, in a SAR Sikorsky S-92 to evacuate the critically ill passenger. The SAR crew safely hoisted the patient aboard the aircraft and quickly transported him directly to University Medical Center in New Orleans.

The rescue flight was coordinated with Shell’s Americas-Air Transport team for enroute fuel aboard their OLYMPUS production platform.

“We are fully prepared for tasking’s like this,” said SAR Operations Manager David Jacob. “Our teams are highly-trained and experienced, and we have a proven history of successfully providing these types of essential services to the offshore expanses of the Gulf of Mexico."

“We are proud to have provided the vital airlift support that made a difference in this case,” said David. “The patient is recovering well, and the family is extremely grateful for the miraculous lifesaving effort.”

Bristow’s dedicated SAR S-92 is the longest range, all-weather helicopter operating in the GOM. This civilian rescue aircraft is one of three emergency response helicopters (S76C++, AW139, S-92), available 24 hours a day, based out of South Lafourche Airport in Galliano, Louisiana.