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Superhero Pilot Inspires Children to Dream Big

April 02, 2019

Who was your superhero growing up? For one student at Kirkhill Primary School in Aberdeen, the answer was easy, a helicopter pilot. During a recent class assignment in which students drew and described their superhero, Nathan, a young aviation enthusiast, drew a detailed crayon sketch of a helicopter rescuing a person caught in the sea. Under the drawing, Nathan wrote: “My superhero is pilots. Who fly helicopters because they help people.”

You can imagine the surprise for Nathan when Bristow Captain Christoffer Buusmann, a real life superhero, visited him and his classmates to share his experiences as a pilot. The highlight of the visit was when Christoffer presented Nathan with his first set of bars.

“It was an honour to have been selected as someone’s hero but an even greater joy to be able to meet up with Nathan and give him his first set of bars. Hopefully one day, I will see him walking in the door as a pilot with those two bars on,” said Christoffer.

“Whether you are a girl or a boy you can achieve whatever you want as long as you do your best and have the right motivation. I hope I gave the students at Kirkhill Primary School the motivation today to do what they dream to do.”