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Bristow Shares Learnings about Managing Risk at Eni Aviation Seminar

March 04, 2020

When Eni assembled its aviation operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) at the first Eni Aviation Seminar in February 2020 to discuss managing risks and catching opportunities, Bristow was eager to be part of the information sharing. 
Vice President Global Commercial Strategy Samantha Willenbacher, Director Global Safety Assurance Tim Rolfe, and Africa Area Manager Dapo Oyeleke represented Bristow at the seminar and took the opportunity to have critical conversations with clients and share Bristow learnings across the industry. Petroleum Air Services, which Bristow owns a 25 percent interest in, also participated in the event.
“Our industries operate in some of the most demanding and challenging safety environments, and consequently deep domain knowledge is key to successful and safe operations,” said Eni Senior Vice President, Logistics Concetto Fischetti. “Communication is fundamental, being present and sharing experiences.” 
All participants engaged in dialogue about topics critical to safety, especially in the areas in which they operate that present unique challenges. Rolfe presented on the topic “Enhancing Our View of Risk by Measuring the Safety Processes,” where he discussed “Heart, Head and Hands,” the Significant Seven, reacting to leading indicators, measuring the safety management process and Bristow Safety Oversight and Assessment Program. 
“Not only did this event give us a unique opportunity to have meaningful conversations with our client and illustrate how we are working to achieve Target Zero every day, we also got to see how we compare with our peers in the industry and how we can incorporate learnings to make Bristow better,” said Willenbacher.