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Coastguard and Navy reservist saluted for commitment to saving lives

March 09, 2020

Lt Julian ‘Bungi’ Williams, Royal Navy Reservist and HM Coastguard helicopter search and rescue Winchman/Paramedic based at Newquay, has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 ELMS Cup.

The WW2 Escape Lines Memorial Society (ELMS) Cup is awarded to preserve and commemorate the memory of those who either organised or used the escape lines of mainland Europe during WW2, assisting many allied soldiers and airmen who found themselves stranded behind enemy lines in returning home.

Many paid with their lives for their selfless acts of courage and humanity towards total strangers. ELMS was created to recognise those who have, in the post-war years, supported others in challenging, often dangerous circumstances, putting themselves in harm’s way to rescue others.

Lt Williams was selected in recognition of his unstinting commitment to, and demonstration of professionalism, resilience and self-efficacy in his civilian and military roles.

After a 26-year career in the Royal Navy, during which his roles included serving as a search and rescue diver, Lt Williams joined Bristow Helicopters’ search and rescue team in 2014, initially working out of Tanzania.

Since returning to the UK, he has operated as a Winchman/Paramedic at the HM Coastguard helicopter SAR Base at Newquay, Cornwall. He continues to serve as a RN reservist at the Defence SERE Training Organisation (DSTO) at nearby RAF St Mawgan, where he instructs UK Armed Forces personnel in survival techniques.

Lt Williams, 48, said: “I am utterly humbled by the award as it represents the courage and bravery of those who put others ahead of themselves for a fight they believed in and were unwilling to give up.

“Being chosen as the ELMS trophy recipient is particularly appreciated as I was nominated by the staff from the Defence SERE Training Organisation, with whom I work closely.”

Damien Oliver, Commercial and Programmes Director at the Maritime & Coastguard Agency: “Bungi has completed numerous taskings ranging from medical evacuations from passenger ferries, fishing boats and the remote Isles of Scilly, to recovering casualties from areas around the Cornish & Devon coastline; including a time critical extraction (to specialist medical care), of three crewmembers from a coal carrying merchant vessel who had all been involved in an enclosed space explosion and were suffering from greater than 50% burns.

“Throughout each of these incidents and many more, his motivation has been to ensure that those he rescues may have the best chance of survival.”

Cdr Steve Griffin, Lt Williams’ CO based at RAF St Mawgan said: “Lt Williams is a superb ambassador for the Royal Navy and HM Coastguard. He has devoted his life to making a positive contribution to society, excelling first with the Royal Navy in full-time service and now as a reservist alongside his role in the civilian search and rescue community.

“As a Naval Reservist Lt Williams demonstrates a constant commitment to the SERE Community at every opportunity. He is always willing to help, teach, coach & mentor all personnel as well as acting as the liaison between DSTO and the HM Coastguard helicopter search and rescue service.”